Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carlsbad Vacation Getaway

We have a new special featuring vacation opportunities in Carlsbad California.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Home School

Open Up School in the Great California Outdoors for your children

Home School offers dramatic opportunities for students to research and expand their horizons in vocations of their choice. Much of this can happen in the great California Outdoors.

California home schooling opportunities are constantly improving.
See the special report Here and Here.

Another big part of this is the great Scouting Adventures available in California.

Friday, November 7, 2008

San Diego Chargers Football

The Bolts have a firm grip on 2nd place in the AFC West and still have a shot to overtake Denver for a NFL Playoff Berth:

If San Diego wants to keep pace with Denver, all they have to do is take care of business against the 1-7 Chiefs this weekend. The NFL odds for this game find San Diego as a 15-point favorite of Kansas City with the total set at 47.

After firing their defensive coordinator - the Chargers are more confident that they can shut down the opposition. Ron Rivera, formerly with the Bears, will take over.
This weekend's opponents, The K.C. Chiefs have had troubles of their own.

All games are QualComm Stadium:

11/9/08 SUN - vs. K.C. Chiefs
11/23/08 SUN - vs. Indianapolis Colts
11/30/08 SUN - vs. Atlanta Falcons
12/04/08 THU - vs. Oakland Raiders
12/28/08 SUN - vs. Denver Broncos (Will this game decide the winner of the AFC West?)

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Visits California

This is a unique opportunity to hear some great holiday music.

TSO is a rock orchestra renowned for their renditions of traditional Christmas songs. They have been touring every year since 1996 and include musical style influences of progressive rock, symphonic metal, heavy metal, and classical music.

Some of their most well-known works include such songs as Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 (a rendition of Carol of the Bells, originally featured on Savatage's 1995 album, Dead Winter Dead), and Wizards in Winter, both of which are popular selections of radio DJs during the Christmas season.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been joined by big-name artists on their popular seasonal tours. Here are the 2008 concert dates:

11/14/08 FRI - Reno Events Center - Reno NV
11/15/08 SAT - ARCO Arena - Sacramento CA
11/16/08 SUN - HP Pavillion - San Jose CA
11/19/08 WED - Save Mart Center - Fresno CA
11/20/08 THU - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas NV
11/21/08 FRI - Honda Center - Anaheim CA
11/22/08 SAT - San Diego Sports Arena

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Lost Voter Power

Here is our tally for the election turnout for the Nov 2008 Presidential Race. We compared the voter turnout to the census population of each county. The state average was 30.5%.

The top 5 counties are as follows with % of the total population that voted:
- Alpine 57.2%
- Sierra 55.4%
- Plumas 52.9%
- Mariposa 51.6%
- Amador 49.9%

The bottom 5 counties were:
- San Benito 18.2%
- Imperial 20.4%
- Tulare 21.4%
- Monterey 22.6%
- Sutter 23.0%

What do we see here? The counties on the top list got about 2.6 times more votes per resident than the bottom list. Why would that be? Do the bottom counties suffer from voter apathy? Illegal aliens? Extra children?

Los Angeles County deserves special mention. They have just over over 28% of the total population of California - but only registered less than 26% of the total vote of the state. That was 233,000 lost votes which could have swung some of the proposition issues and especially some local races.

Look up your county and see how civic minded your neighbors are.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting to Improve California Beaches

I found the results for Prop D in San Diego to be of interest.
From KGTV 10 News:

Beach Alcohol Ban Close To Being Permanent
SAN DIEGO -- San Diego voters appear to have approved a permanent ban on alcohol at San Diego beaches and coastal parks.

With 46.5 percent of precincts counted, 57.6 percent, or 133,805 people, voted in favor of Proposition D, while 42.4 percent, or 98,497 voters, were opposed.

Proposition D makes the consumption of alcohol unlawful at all city beaches, Mission Bay Park and other coastal recreation areas.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who represents the beach areas, spearheaded a one-year trial ban on alcohol at San Diego's beaches and coastal parks following a Labor Day melee in Pacific Beach. More than a dozen people were arrested during the fracas for throwing beer cans at police clad in riot gear.

In response, the City Council enacted a temporary ban on alcohol at city beaches in November. The prohibition would have expired Jan. 14 if voters didn't adopt Proposition D.

Proponents of the ban argue it has made the beaches safer.

"Frankly, I think the people of San Diego have spoken that they want safe beaches, they want police in the neighborhoods and not babysitting drunks at the beach," Jim Lantry, with the group, told 10News at San Diego's Golden Hall.

His position was backed up by a recent police report that found alcohol-related crimes overall dropped this year in San Diego's beach areas following the implementation of the booze ban.

There were 3,438 alcohol-related citations given in 2007, compared to 2,855 so far this year, a decline of nearly 17 percent, according to a report presented to the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee.

Opponents argued that other factors contributed to a decline in crime in the beach areas, including a decrease in visitors.

They pledged to keep up the fight.

"The city has voted on this twice before, we have defeated this twice before," Jacob Pyle, with the group, told 10News. "So you know what if we loose this battle, and I don't think we will, we still have two more strikes to go."

Attempts to prohibit drinking at city beaches have failed twice in the past. There was a thwarted attempted to ban booze at the beach in 1991. In 2002, voters narrowly rejected a proposition to prohibit alcohol at the beach.

California Election Results

Voting Results for the state elections yesterday

YES : Prop 1A - High Speed Rail Bond - $40 Million.
(But where are they going to build it?)
YES : Prop 2 - Farm Animal Protection -
(We already pay $9/dozen of organic free range eggs.)
YES : Prop 3 - Children's Hospital Bond -
(Who could say no to a commercial full of special needs children?)
NO : Prop 4 - Abortion Notification
(Could have been a tool to stop child predators.)
YES : Prop 5 - Non-violent criminal rehab
(Voters yank away the get out of jail free card to Meth Dealers)
NO : Prop 6 - Criminal Just Bond
(No funding in this tight economy.)
N0 : Prop 7 - Renewable Energy
YES : Prop 8 - Marriage Initiative
(But is it retroactive?)
YES : Prop 9 - Crime Victims Rights
NO : Prop 10 - Alternative Fuels
(Very poorly written)
? : Prop 11 - Redistricting
(At this time leads slightly but too close to call)
YES : Prop 12 - Veterans Home Loan Bond Act
(Costs the state nothing - all paid back by Mortgage holders)