Monday, August 11, 2008

Sea-Life Aquarium opens in Carlsbad

I just got back from the Grand Opening of the Sea-Life Aquarium opened today on the Legland California property in Carlsbad California. It was neet to see all of the celebrities, civic leaders and executives from Legoland and Merlin Entertainment Group (the owner / operator of Legoland and Sea-Life). Actor Christian La Fuentes was their guest speaker.

Sea-Life is Merlin's Aquarium Theme Park brand from Europe where it is quite popular. This is their first such development in North America. Is is also the first Aquarium of any kind in the San Diego North County region.

The Aquarium has a lively assortment of Reef-Fish, Sharks, and Rays. Most impressive are the colorful displays of Sea-Horses and Clown Fish. Their octopus seemed unusually lively this morning - perhaps from being entertained by the new crowd.

Scattered about facility are number of children's activity stations which certainly jazzes up the place for the young guests. Children ages 2-10 form Legoland's core market group.

Upstairs is a fresh restaurant serving quality lunch fare. This happened to included some nicely grilled fish. (Boy, I hope it didn't come from one of the exhibits below.)

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