Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joshua Tree in Wintertime

Joshua Tree National Park

I went out with the Boy Scouts to visit Joshua Tree last week. They love the place with all the abundance of its giant rock formations. Never mind that the temperature dropped by 25 degrees right at sunset.

Standing nearly 40 feet tall, the Joshua Tree is not really a tree at all but the largest member of the Yucca family of plants. It was so name by early Mormon pioneers crossing the desert who found the angular branches to resemble the outstretched arms of Joshua leading the Israelites into the Promise Land.

Of particular note are the many unusual plants found here including Joshua trees, cactus,
ocotillo, smoke treess, palo verdes, pinon pins, yucca plants. The best
time to visit is early spring when a big array of desert wildflowers
reach full bloom.

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